Pontem is empowering the decision makers of tomorrow by bridging the gap between data and discipline.

Our Vision

At Pontem Minerals, we look to pursue the following:

  • Acquire mineral and royalty interests in key basins

  • Own real acreage positions in promising fairways

  • Participate in non-op working interest AFEs

  • Look to operate certain wells through trusted partnerships

  • Invest in cash-flowing royalties from ‘Day 1’ operation, with future upside potential

  • Leverage domain knowledge in oil and gas production, chemicals, and operations to provide ‘smart money’ value-add to our partners to increase overall ROI

Production optimization

Applying data analytics and physics-based modeling to optimize individual well production

Chemical optimization

Combining chemistry, production chemicals, and operational knowledge to reduce OPEX and prioritize work-overs

Facility DeBottlenecking

Leveraging our field experience and ability to develop asset-wide surface models to maximize take-away capacity, as well as evaluate future expansion opportunities